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Updated: 5/22/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Hey! Greaser
  • Let’s give u a haircut
  • In the beginning pony boy gets jumped by the socs
  • I’m cherryValance
  • movie theater
  • Johnny and pony boy meet cherry and Marcia (some of the socs girlfriends)
  • My names pony boy, pony boy Curtis.
  • while the boys were getting food and were headed back to the church they found t on fire with kids inside. Pony and johnny ran into the church and pulled the kids out johnny was badly burned
  • I’m sorry darry we fell asleep
  • you know how worried we were!
  • Pony boy and johnny fell asleep in the lot and came home really late which made darry mad and he slapped pony which made him run away
  • pony and johnny were at the park just talking before the socs showed up and tried to drown pony in the fountain but then johnny stabbed one of them with a switchblade then they decided to go to darry for help
  • I killed him! I didn’t have a choice he was gonna kill you:(
  • dally to9ld em to go to this abandoned church in the countryside and after a few days dally shows up to tell them what’s going on back home and they go and get some food
  • Nice hair pony boy! You guys are clear i told the cops you guys were headed for texas
  • get back here ponly!!