Making Forces Funny Project Riggs Science: 7
Updated: 2/2/2020
Making Forces Funny Project Riggs Science: 7
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  • G-guys can you stop fighting. Besides its freezing back her because Earth you are blocking all the sunlight from reaching me because I'm stuck orbiting you.
  • Quit pulling me in with your gravitational pull Sun! I've been following you around since I was born! I want to be alone for once in my life.
  • Karen get down from there we have to go home!
  • Sorry I just couldn't stop!
  • Alright fine I'll let that slide this time.
  • Gravity is keeping the moon, sun, and earth orbiting around each other because of the two variables that influence their gravitational pulls, distance and mass. The sun's mass primarily pulls Earth into its orbit and Earth pulls the moon into it's orbit. So, the Earth orbits the sun which the moon orbits the Earth.
  • This might be a bit of a stretch, but would it be okay if I let go of the arrow Shannon?
  • Gosh no! You better not curve that arrow towards me Aaron!
  • Object and motion will stay in motion until acted upon by an outside force. The force of friction is the resistance that the slide puts on Karen. Preventing her from going incredibly hasty.
  • Gravity also playes a role in friction. Gravity keeps one object pressing down on the other, creating friction. Karen pushed herself down on the slide and gravity pushes her against the slide keeping the force of friction.
  • What is a horse shoe doing here?!
  • The stick apart of the bow can bend, thus giving it an elastic force or energy. When the string is pulled back, the stick bends giving it energy. This energy is then released when you let go of the bow. After the bow string is released then the elastic energy forces the bow to the bended position the way the bow is pointing.
  • The wooden handled knife is alluminum and the butter knife is steel in this scenario. The steel knife is magnetic because of its high concentration of iron. While aluminums atoms aren't organized, they are more jumbled up, creating a magnetic field so weak it won't generate any magnetism.
  • Finally we are out from that drawer!
  • The horshoe magnet left in the kitchen pulls the steel knife in because the magnetic knife is naturally attracted to the magnetic field producing horshoe magnet.
  • It seems I'm not very attractive.
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