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Updated: 3/19/2020
English StoryBoard

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  • Two informal girls explaining the details about the dangerous teddy bear cult with three individuals that can cause consequences like DEATH!!! With only a few players left in the game the teddy bear cult is a big threat to the remaining players
  • This is the teddy bear cult and they look very innocent but on the inside they are very harmful, they come in a group which is why they are called the teddy bear cult.
  • The teddy bear cult find their way to Katniss Everdine, and try to attack. Since she is wearing a dress it is hard for her to run, so she gets touched by one of those bears and becomes unconsious.
  • Katniss manages to lure the teddy bear cult to the rest of the players remaning, while they still don't know what is behing them, one of the players gets to the ground because one of the teddy bear's hit and scracthed, and the rest become unconcious while standing up.
  • Katniss wakes up and regains consciousness from when the got touched by one of the teddy bear's from the cult.
  • She walks over to the lake and realized that she got cured from when she got touched by the teddy bear while she was sleeping, she also figured out that a person cured her and ran away after curing her of the touch.