The barn with Lennie and Curleys wife
Updated: 1/6/2020
The barn with Lennie and Curleys wife
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  • what you doin here
  • jus sittin here
  • i like to pet nice things with my fingers .soft things
  • when i'm doing my hair sometimes i just set there and stroke it because its so soft
  • oh that's nice!!
  • some people got kinda coarse hair. you take curley,his hair is just like wire.But mine is soft here feel.
  • Curleys wife walks in and starts a conversation with Lennie. They both get to know eachother by speaking about different things.
  • oh please don't do that. George'll be mad. Oh please don't do none of that
  • Look now ,you'll muss it all up. You stop it now, you'll mess it all up.
  • Curleys wife brings up of how soft her hair is because Lennie says that he loves petting soft things. She says that its very soft and that she loves to stroke it on her own and feel it.
  • Curleys Wife lets Lennie feel her hair and stroke it. He then starts to get aggresive with it and pulls hard.
  • oh i done a real bad thing. I shouldn't a did that.
  • Lennie starts to pull harder and harder on her hair and she starts to scream. He also starts to cover her mouth and nose so she wont scream.
  • She struggles and moves around while he is holding her mouth and nose. He then shakes her violently Her neck snaps side ways and she lies still.
  • Lennie realizes he has killed her and he covers her with hay and covers the puppy also. He realized hes done a real bad thing and he will get yelled at by Lennie.
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