Updated: 12/11/2020

Storyboard Text

  • One cold night in the Frostlands, the mighty Lynx, the person who saved all of the Frostlands inhabitants was walking around and staring at the stars in the night sky.Oh, what's that? You want me to tell you how he saved them? Well, I'll do just that.
  • He had been prowling around looking for danger, or anything and anyone he could help or save. Then, he came upon something strange. An animal's corpse, that didn't look like it died of age. "That's a strange sight to see around here." Said lynx. "I wonder who or what could've done that?"
  • As he was walking around, he noticed something strange. He activated his thermal vision mask and saw a large creature was lying down in an open area. It looked almost like a wolf, but it was too large. He wanted to investigate what it was, but his reflective light coat would do no good to camouflage with the lush forest.
  • Suddenly, this creature started to move and had woken up, Lynx got scared so he ducked down behind a branch, but he had accidentally broken it, and the creature jerked its head towards him. It saw him and said, "Come out little one... before I eat the rest of the people and animals in this wonderful location."
  • The creature lunged at him but he was ready, he used his launch boots, and threw his fist at the monster. Hopefully, this works... said Lynx in his head. They collided, and only one was still on their feet... or paws.
  • Lynx had hit both fists onto the creature, and then his spring fists had pushed fowards, and his punches that he had landed, had hit two times harder. The strange creature had lie still on the floor, never to move again. The powerful Lynx had stopped that creature from hunting and eating all of the inhabitants of the Frostlands.