Updated: 1/11/2021

Storyboard Text

  • 2. Then mom, who was the one who moved that object?
  • 4. But, why is he UNMOVED?
  • 3. It is no other than God himself. He is the FIRST UNMOVED MOVER!
  • 1. The first one is MOTION. If an object is in motion, then there is some force that puts it into motion.
  • 4. GIFT OF LIFE.. Is that us being alive mom?
  • 3. GIFT OF LIFE? What is that mom?
  • 6. Well, its already 8 pm. You both need to sleep now. We'll just continue this tomorrow afternoon. Alright?
  • 2. Additionally, for me I believe that God is really existing because of the GIFT OF LIFE.
  • 1. With my understanding, God is the first unmoved mover because God is independent.
  • 1. George, are you excited for tomorrow?
  • 2. Yes sis, can't wait to hear more about God.
  • 3. Alright kids, go to sleep now because it will be another long day tomorrow. Good night! I love you both.
  • 5. Yes my dear. You're right! This opportunity to live is the most certain proof of God's existence.