One step equations
Updated: 5/23/2020
One step equations

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  • I wonder what the answer to 4x = 12 is??
  • Good question. First you have to divide both sides by 4
  • Before you yell at me how do you solve 4x = 12?
  • Yes but then you have to divide the 4 by 4 and it cancels out, so you get x = 12 4
  • Uhhh, Is he okay ?
  • They will never know that I was just trying to get their help to control their mind and take over then WORLD HaHaHaHaHa!!!!
  • Hey john, my boss said to solve the equation 4x = 12 you have to divide both sides by 4 is that right/
  • Hey David how do you finish the equation 4x=12
  • Well after you do 4 divided by 4 you should have got x = 12 divided by 4 which equals 3
  • Hey why did you need to know that equation??
  • I was just wondering, but thanks.