core lit 1st save

Updated: 2/7/2020
core lit 1st save

Storyboard Text

  • mama mama where are you
  • kids with is your brother sarro
  • i don't know mother
  • i do not know mama
  • where are we going i want to go back home
  • A boy named sarro got lost from his family a=when he went to go down by the river with the other village kids to play when he was done he couldn’t find his way back
  • hi buddy we are you new parents
  • Saroo’s mom is getting worried and doesn't’ know where he is at so then she ask his 2 older brothers and they both do not know where he is
  • they are back in India where we found you at a adoption center
  • He if found in a different city in india far away from his hometown and he gets picked up by someone from the adoption center and he is sent to the adoption center
  • so this is where your from huh
  • Saroo gets adopted by a new family that lives in Australia sarro got to fully meet his new mom and dad when they got home the house was full of stuff from India to make him feel welcome
  • They are telling sarro about Jacob and his wife and how they are Indian too and they are also explain what was going on and where are his parents
  • where is mama sister and brothers
  • Saroos new mom made a map of where he used to live in India and he starts to remember the street he played on and e is getting excited and he is going to be looking at this map for a while
  • YES YES !!