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Manny's French Revolution
Updated: 10/16/2019
Manny's French Revolution
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  • Intro
  • Meeting Of The Estate General
  • Tennis Court Oath
  • Hi my name is Wolf. Today i will be teaching you about the first events and start of the French Revolution. First is the Meeting of the Estates General.
  • Following Day
  • King Louis The 16th was the worst king ever. He called for a meeting with the estate generals: First, Second, and Third estates. They had the meeting to discuss problems in society but the following day, King Louis refused to open the door for the 3rd estate.
  • Storming Of The Bastille
  • After the 3rd estate wasn't allowed in the following day, they went to a tennis court and created an oath to stay united until change has been seen.
  • March To Versailles
  • The Third estate earns their respect and power themselves and renamed themselves the National Assembly. They created the Declaration Of Rights Of Men. which was rights and equality for every man.
  • There was a prison in France named the Bastille. This prison remided the people of the monarchy's dictational rule so a mob went to the prisob and attacked. This was a very successful attack.
  • It was not only men who took action. Women did too. On the March to Versailles women marched in a crowd to go to the palace of Versailles where King Louis was. They made him promote change. It was either that or death.
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