Unknown Story

Updated: 10/3/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Unnamed Author
  • Roderick
  • Madeline
  • The author thinks Roderick is hopeless and frail, that he is a little crazy, but he is impressed of all his talents of trying new things. He thinks that Madeline is beautiful but mysterious.
  • My thoughts on Unnamed Author
  • Roderick thinks of the author as his best and only personal friend and .He thinks of Madeline as his only companion and is fearful of her death.
  • My thoughts on Roderick
  • Madeline thinks of the author as a random person, he doesn’t really know him. She thinks of Roderick as her only companion and her only thing left.
  • My thoughts on Madeline
  • I think that the author is a simple person who just wants to be there for his friend. He seemed lonely, adaptable, caring, descriptive, and very observant.
  • I think that Roderick is also lonely but way more than the author. He is dependent on others, extremely observant, caring, depressed, mental, crazy, and kind.
  • I think that Madeline is quiet, reclusive, and determined.