Freud's Defense Mechanisms Psychology
Updated: 7/15/2020
Freud's Defense Mechanisms Psychology
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  • Freud's Defense Mechanisms
  • Hey! I'm Alex and I'm going to show you some of Freud's Defense Mechanisms and examples. Enjoy!
  • Regression
  •, why is she sucking her thumb? Is she okay??
  • Sublimation
  • 1...2...3... phew! I feel better already. Just wish that guy hadn't bumped into me...idiot.
  • By: Alexandra Lopez-Izquierdo
  • Rationalization
  • Oh well, it's not like studying for the next three hours is going to make a difference, right? Might as well just play...
  • Regression is the action of retreating to a more infantile stage of psychosexual development for comfort as a way to defend ourselves. As seen in this strip, you see this young lady struggling with the stress of transitioning from high school to college and begins to suck her thumb for comfort.
  • Displacement
  • Ugh! I hate you! Why do you always ruin everything?! It was your fault I dropped those dishes and now I have to pay for them!
  • Sublimation is the act of taking sexual, aggressive, or otherwise socially unacceptable impulses, and then turn them into the opposite, into socially valued behaviors. In this example, you can see this girl taking her tendencies of physical aggression and turning them into exercise opportunities.
  • Repression
  • Oy, mate! Where were you during 9/11? I remember hearing about it on the radio, I was on my way home. I could not believe what I was hearing!
  • Rationalization is basically excusing someone's unacceptable behavior by disguising it with a logical explanation to avoid the real reason. For example, this guy is attributing his playing games instead of studying to the fact that it probably won't help to avoid facing the fact that he is just being lazy or doesn't feel like studying.
  • Displacement is shifting undesirable impulses into a more acceptable form, such as taking it out on a less threatening object or person instead of facing the problem. Here, you can see this girl displacing her anger and taking it out on her little sister, who isn't to blame.
  • Repression is basically suppressing all memories of any thoughts, memories, and feelings that cause anxiety or are triggering. For example, here we see a young man who was in the Twin Towers and survived 9/11 but has no conscious recollection of it due to repression.
  • I was..uh.. that's strange. I can't quite recall where I was or what happened.
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