astronaughts 4
Updated: 3/29/2019
astronaughts 4
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  • Adi P
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  • Text Structure - Cause & Effect
  • Cause: Jerrie Cobb was the first woman to try and get women into space. After her many attempts, other women saw this as a push to get society equal for women. More women were also getting into the field of science and engineering (Stone).
  • Effect: "Finally in 1978, women were admitted to the space program for the first time"(Stone, 97).
  • Signpost - Numbers and Stats
  • "More women were entering the fields of engineering and science, and women began graduating from medical schools in record numbers. In the 1960s, there were only ten women in Congress. By the 1970s that number had reached to thirty-one"(Stone,95).
  • Almost Astronauts
  • Mindset - Sees effort as necessary 
  • Since Jerrie Cobb was determined to get women in NASA, she went through many failures and successes to make that happen. She also influenced other women to fight for what's right, like equal pay.
  • To appoint women in space, women had to be determined and try to influence the public about letting women in NASA. The women tried and failed for so long but finally, they were let in.
  • Summary - SWBS & Headline
  • SWBS - Jerrie Cobb wanted to go to space but she was stopped by people who believed belonged in the home or teaching. People didn't like women taking the "mens" jobs. But, Jerrie Cobb didn't listen to them. She almost gave up everything, and she failed many times. Other women though, saw this as a moment toward equality for men and women. So, women stepped forward and soon enough women could apply for NASA and do other things they couldn't have done before.
  • The author included these numbers and stats because she wanted to show that Jerrie Cobb's determination, successes, and failures impacted other women to go into the fields of mathematics and science. Now that women could finally apply for the space program, the numbers were going through the roof of the women that applied for NASA.
  • Wanting to have women in space, Jerrie Cobb and many other women had struggled, failed, and gave up almost everything to compete in the space race against Russia. Jerrie Cobb had not only got women in space but also inspired women to do other things they normally wouldn't do before, like make a bestselling newspaper or stand up for equal pay. Jerrie Cobb wasn't only a leader she was an influencer too.
  • TOPIC -- Be determined, never give up, follow your dreams, don't let anyone tell you otherwise, try try again. 
  • Who do you think dragged down Jerrie Cobb and the women the most?
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