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Bacon's Revolution
Updated: 9/2/2020
Bacon's Revolution
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  • Berkeley
  • Bacon
  • Jamestown was once a popular place, full of wealthy people and indentured servants. At the time, though, as tobacco prices were doing the exact opposite of sky-rocketing, anyone that did not have a huge wallet full of money was not doing to well. The people wanted to expand outward, but the governor who at the time was a man named Berkeley refused to help them with military support.
  • Bacon, who was Berkeley's cousin by marriage, insisted that he provide a militia to help them defeat the Indians after Bacon had attacked and falsely accused the Indians of stealing their corn. Berkeley still refused to aid them, so an infuriated Bacon went off and created his own militia. Later, when Bacon and his militia was drunk on brandy, they went off to conquer the land that they thought was supposed to be theirs.
  • On the way, they met a group of Occaneechi Indians who went to help them defeat some Susquehannocks. However, after they did so, Bacon and his militia turned and slaughtered them and obliterated their village. Because of this utterly brutal action, Berkeley declared Bacon a rebel, and created an elected assembly to deal with the matter. But, Bacon was immediately elected for the assembly and tried to continue his campaign, so Berkley kicked him off.
  • Furious that he had yet again been humiliated, Bacon rounded up his troops. A few weeks later he marched back into Jamestown with 500 troops and again demanded that they lead an attack on the Indians. To this, Berkeley opened up his shirt and told Bacon to shoot him. Instead, Bacon retreated and started traveling across Virginia gathering more and more supporters. Berkeley accused Bacon of treason and rebellion, so Bacon accused Berkeley of selling his friends and rights for the Indians.
  • Bacon and his group went around conducting raids all around the colony; all the while gathering more and more supporters. Berkeley returned to Jamestown after recruiting supporters of his own, and issued a proclamation that condemned Bacon. To this, Bacon and his troops torched Jamestown and terrorized all who were there as Berkeley fled. After this, Bacon died of dysentery. Britain arrived with troops and, as Berkley insisted they do, hanged 23 of Bacon's followers.
  • Berkeley lost his job as governor, so he journeyed back to Britain to beg the king (Charles II) to let him keep his job. The journey there weakened Berkeley, and by the time the six months of travel ended, he was at the end of his rope. The only thing he wanted to do was to get his job back, but he died before he reached the king.
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