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Updated: 2/15/2019
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  • so Creon made a law that nobody could burry Polyneices , but somebody did it anywas
  • " why have you come back so soon "
  • " Here is the one who did it ! We caught her in the very actof burrying him ."
  • Now sentry has found who burried Polynecies and Ceron can't belive who it is
  • "But this is Antigone ! Why have you brought her here ? "
  • " she was burrying him, I tell you !
  • Antigone denys nothing , she tells him that she has done it and ceron can't belive that his own family went against his wishes 
  • " I do . I deny nothing .
  • " . And you, Antigone , You with your head hanging do you confess this thing ?
  • Now ceron thinks Ismene is is apart of Antigones plan , but she isn't she wanted nothing to do with it and now all of a sudden she wants to be gulity
  • " You too , Ismene , snake in my ordered house , sucking my blood stealthily and all the time i never knew that these two sisters were aiming at my throne ! Ismene, Do you confess your share in this crime or deny it ? Answer me 
  • " Yes , if she will let me say so . I am guilty
  • " No , Ismene . You have no right to say so . you would not help , me and I will not have you help me . 
  • Haemin which is creons son obeys him and his law but he also tells him thta he should listen to reason and that he shouldn't kill Antigone she did nothing wrong
  • " I swear , by all the gods in heaven above us , you'll watch it I swear you shall !"
  • " Not here , no she will not die here , KIng . and you will never see my face again . Go on raving as long as you've a friend to endure you . 
  • This is the last thing Antigone says before she kills herself
  • " Thebes , and you my fathers' gods , and rulers ofThebes , you see me now , the last Unhappy daughter of a line of kings , your king s , led away to death . You will remember what things i suffer , and at what men's hands , Because I would not transgress the laws of heaven 
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