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Updated: 11/27/2019
Unknown Story

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  • Yooa AiiiiiiNnn!!!I'm always alone,nobody wants me, I 'm useless!!!Yooooaaaiiin!!
  • Oh thanks.You are very nice it's the first time somebody want to help me.
  • If you won't help , call me, and sorry I forgot to introduce me, I'm Violet. Happy to meet you!!
  • And my name is Sacha nice to meet you! I tink it's time to go at class.
  • I love this !
  • OK guys, today we will learn the fraction !
  • Is everything okay, not too exhausted?
  • Do want to eat something?
  • I would like some water and an apple please.
  • I'm ok , thanks you very much!
  • Ok,so that will make you a total of 1.50$.
  • Can I have some water and an apple please ?
  • Thanks you!