Understanding friends
Updated: 2/3/2021
Understanding friends

Storyboard Text

  • Hey eric why are you crying
  • Don't talk to me,I am just having a hard time
  • Hey eric, I see that those bruises you did to yourself didn't you. Well i am gonna call your parents to tell them that your safe and also tell them to take you to a therapist so you can fight these harsh feelings
  • No don't call my parents.
  • Hi thank you for helping our kid with his problem
  • Don't worry about it he is my friend and i care about him.
  • Eric has been having a hard time with his grades. He really wants to fix his grades but he is so occupied with his feelings that he can't tell us
  • Around five hours have passed since you have seen him you see that he has a bruise that most likely looks like self-harm.
  • Around two weeks have passed since you have last seen Eric but he seems a lot happier Also the helper is supposed to be the reader