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Hajj- Pilgramige
Updated: 10/11/2020
Hajj- Pilgramige
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  • Mecca
  • Safa
  • Marwa
  • Once in their lifetime Muslims of every ethnic group go on a pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia to praise their only GOD, Allah. This ritual is performed where the Muslims go to the Sacred Mosque in Mecca where they circle around the Kabbah seven times. The Muslims wear white clothes called the, ihram, so everyone is equal.
  • Then, the Muslims run between two mounts called 'Safa' and 'Marwa' This is a religious action where Muslims remember the story of Ishmail digging his heel in the sand and found a gush of water in the dessert which pilgrams still drink from; Zam Zam.
  • After, they camp in Mina and throw small stones at three stone pillars which symbolise the devil.
  • Hajji
  • Hajja
  • All of the pilgrims travel to Arafat showing the 'Mount of Mercy' and spend the whole day in prayer. After sunset they travel to Muzdalifah.
  • During the day of Eid-al-Adha all men will shave their head and sacrifice an animal which was performed by the prophet Ibraham.
  • To finish the Muslims return back to Mecca to circle the Kabbah seven times again and the woman and men are given new titles 'Hajji' and 'Hajja'.
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