Amendment story board
Updated: 11/6/2018
Amendment story board
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  • 1st amendment part one
  • we all need to leave this place is terrible and smells aful
  • what is he talking about i love this place he needs to shut his mouth
  • remember he has a freedom of speech
  • 1st amendment part 2
  • oh sweetheart you don't have to be any religion you can be in whatever religion you want you can pick anyone but for now stay here with me
  • what what religion do we have to be grammie
  • second amendment
  • yeah well i need to have some protection
  • you have a gun really i didn't think a person like you would have a gun
  • hello do u have any room in your home for a night
  • freedom of speech
  • 3RD amendment
  • Actually we don't have to let him in just look at the 3rd amendment
  • ugh i don't know if we have enough room to have him here do we have to let him in
  • hey you trashed my room you cant be in here unless you have a warrent look at amendment #4
  • Freedom of religion
  • 4th amendment
  • um i have one oh wait opps i must have forgotten it
  • it seems that you guys have been duly processed
  • the right to have a weapon in your home
  • 5th amendment
  • really then i demand a proper trial
  • right not to quarter soldiers
  • freedom from unreasonable search and siezure 
  • due process of law
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