What Made Russia Red
Updated: 6/15/2020
What Made Russia Red
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  • Nicholas II reign as czar did nothing to help the working class, the poor, and the majority of the public. This suffering, along with many of the problems that have been happening in the past led to a massive revolution that voiced everyone's displeasure of the government
  • I am Nicolas I. I will not allow anyone to make decisions for the government to do. Everything is under my control, and you just have to follow it. Any disagreements or rebellions will just lead to your demise.
  • Nicholas II's reign as czar was a huge factor into the future of Russia, as his political suppression, little freedom, and absolute monarchy rules would affect the people into wanting change for the better.
  • The death of Alexander II was a huge mark in leading to the inevitable revolution for rights, as Alexander was one of the few leaders who seeked change and wanted other people to share his power. His death brought back high order rule, bringing any progress made for a constitution back to the beginning
  • The death of the radicals who seeked change and killed Alexander II was a turning point, as Alexander III showed everyone that political change won't happen anymore and that if anyone rebels against him, they will fail by execution.
  • The death of Rasputin was a turning point in Nicholas II's reign, as he was toxic to the government in what they were achieving and was part of the blame for Russia's poor state
  • Nicholas II's failures caught up to him, leading to him to step down as czar, to protect his family from being killed and well as help his people. This was the major point, as Vladimir Lenin would take over and change Russia forever, which is what caused Russia to become red.
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