Updated: 5/13/2020

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  • Mountain men in oregon country
  • The oregon trail
  • Manifeast Destiny
  • just listen
  • The mountain men was the first non- indians who appeared in the klamath basin. 
  • Mexico-American war
  • People took the oregon trail and the 1841 and 1869 lost of people took this trail to migrating to the west most people use wagons .
  • Mormons in utah
  • what about a other one ?
  • people believed their nation and government was the best thing in the world saw it's was they duty to spread their democratic government and culture to people
  • california Glod rush
  • US refused to annex add texas senate feared war with mexico sam houston persident of teaxs threatened to ally with britain .
  • Founded joseph smith in new york 1830 , believed property should be owned in common that men can have more then one wife .haha i wish my men try .
  • John sutter discovers gold in 1848 , word spreads to san francisco and people, want some so then 80,000 people travelled to california & 1849 for gold mining .
  • gold is here