Updated: 3/26/2021

Storyboard Text

  • NOOO we dont want war.
  • sir why dont we just storm Cuba and over rule them
  • we found out that the soviet union is in Cuba and have missiles there
  • MR. president we came as fast as we could whats going on.
  • we need you 2 to fly over and take pictures
  • Captain make those ships turn around with out shooting.
  • YES SIR!!!
  • *speaks Russian*were at peace i will take my weapons back home
  • take your missiles home and turn your ships around if you dont were gonna have problems
  • in October 1962 America went in to a missile crises because of the soviets they scatter Cuba with nukes and bombs. it went for 13 days they were sending ships with what seemed to be more supplies most ships turned around when told the senets had an idea if we storm Cuba and over run them
  • JFK did not agree because it would start a war they came to a peace and The union took the missiles home
  • while at home people would watch the TV for up dates about the war, people would have to help by saving food and worry about nukes and nuke threats this cause people and the government to start making under ground shelters
  • students had to learn what to do when there is a bomb on its way they watch the same video over and over during the threats food and supplies went fast if you did have shelter you had to go against a wall or under a desk and hope.