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MOV ending Shylock's assets.
Updated: 11/6/2020
MOV ending Shylock's assets.
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  • Friendship with a man who has done me so much trouble will be difficult.
  • Shylock is allowed to go to Belmont with Antonio and Bassanio.
  • Being Christion is not an easy thing.
  • I do hope we can move forward from the trial civilly.
  • Jessica will be glad to see you now that you've converted.
  • Portia confronts Bassanio about the unwelcome guest and her ring.
  • How could you bring Shylock here without thinking of Jessica. And where is your ring?
  • It was Antonio's idea to bring the Jew.
  • Easier to cut off my hand and say I lost the ring defending it.
  • There is too much trouble that comes with marrying the daughter of a Jew.
  • Shylock attempts to reconnect with Jessica.
  • Father what're you doing here?!
  • Lorenzo he is my father...
  • How could my life have come to this after trying so desperately to take care of her?
  • Jessica you're my daughter. No amount of lost jewels could replace you.
  • Shylock thinks happily upon his plot as Jessica forgives him.
  • No matter how many apologies he gives, I will never trust a Jew, converted or not.
  • I forgive you father, I'm really glad you've come around.
  • I have her right where I need.
  • As Lorenzo is getting Shylock's casket, Shylock kills him, grabs the casket, and heads for Jessica.
  • Trust is your greatest weakness.
  • Shylock seeks his revenge on Jessica and then the rest.
  • It didn't have to come to this Jessica. You betrayed me and stole from me and now you and all your Christians friends must pay.
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