Keeping up with the Inventors
Updated: 1/25/2020
Keeping up with the Inventors
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Reality Show the for the most famous inventors

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  • Keeping Up with the Inventors
  • Issac and Roberts Meet
  • Wow! Your house looks so nice
  • I'm Robert
  • Hey dude! I am Issac, Welcome to my house.
  • This is boring
  • So this is my bedroom
  • Casting List In orderSir Isaac Newton'Marie CurieRobert BoyleLouis Pasteur
  • Issac and Roberts Little Dinner with Marie and Louis
  • That's awesome
  • How does a new idea transform a society?A new idea can transform a society by changing cultures, mind sets, and influencing people
  • Marie and Louis have their talking part
  • y'all are so crazy
  • In what ways was the Scientific Revolution a continuation of Renaissance thinking?The scientific revolution was a new way of thinking, just like the renaissance was. It was a new idea from the standard way.
  • leave me alone I am married
  • What are the risks of accepting a new/different idea?If it fails, the new idea can cost lives. Also opinions from others and disagreements which may lead into things like war or even separation of areas.
  • yeah i discovered the 4 elements. But its kinda cool because I helped all of science get a basic understanding of elements
  • bro that sounds so cool! I help discover gravity which Inspired others thinkers with the idea of the universe having natural laws
  • How is the Scientific Revolution a change in both science and thought?I would say that the scethic revolution and more thought about science toward the society. It made science a bit more helpful.
  • So not to brag but I am the only woman on the inventors list because Identified radioactivity and discovered tworadioactive elements and with that I helped with medical treatment
  • Thats cool Marie but I proved germs in the air cause bacterial growth which helped milk and farm grow healthier cows.
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