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Cirque Du Freak Comic strip
Updated: 9/19/2018
Cirque Du Freak Comic strip
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  • The beginning
  • The Freak Show That changed everything.
  • The Disaster
  • Darren and his friends found a flyer to go to a freak show. So when Steve when and go the tickets he was only allowed two. So they threw a bunch of paper in the air, so whoever found the ticket firsts got to go. Darren found the ticket first.
  • Sacrifices for a Friend
  • So when they were watching the show Steve recognized one of the performers. The performer turned out to be a vampire that he read about. So he asked the vampire to turn him into a vampire after the show. The vampires name is Mr. Crepsley and he told him his blood was bad. All this happened while Darren watched in horror.
  • Saving a friend and losing one
  • After the show Darren was afraid of Steve. But he could not stop thinking of the spider the vampire had in the show. So he sneak out and stole the deadly poison spider while the vampire was sleeping. He was showing Steve the spider when his sister walked in startling the spider making it bite Steve, Darren only knew on way to save his friend.
  • Deadly Misunderstanding
  • Darren found Mr. Crepsley pretty easily, when he did the vampire said he new he had the spider the whole time. Darren demanded him to help Steve be he told him no. Mr. Crepsley told Darren if he would become him apprentice and become a half-Vampire. Darren say yes and they head to the hospital to give Steve the cure.
  • So they go to the hospital to give Steve the cure, Steve briefly wakes up. After Steve recovers Darren runs away from Mr. Crepsley. When at school he start feeling and seeing the changes to being a half vampire. When playing soccer her acquiescently hurts one of his friends, So in order to protect his family Mr. Crepsley helps Darren to fake his death.
  • After Darren Faked his death Mr. Crepsley dug Darren up out of his grave. All of the sudden Steve poled Darren into a bush and was going to kill him with a stake. Steve thought that Darren allowed the spider to bite him on purpose so he could become a vampire instead of him. So he hesitates to kill Darren and tells him he will get stronger one day, and find and kill him.
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