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The bois
Updated: 10/17/2020
The bois
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Storyboard Description

a story about how the bois witnessed 4 types of wave interactions.

Storyboard Text

  • speaker 2: we are able to see our reflections by a process called reflection.
  • This is a process in which light bounces of an object.
  • speaker 1: How does this mirror show us our reflection?
  • speaker 3: what ever lets go eat some hot pockets
  • speaker one: why was some of the hot pocket cooked and some of the hot pocket cold?
  • speaker 2: Well this is because of a process called interference. when the microwave produces heat waves the bonces around in the microwaves. sometimes the hit one another than they over lap into one waves. So not all parts are cooked equally.
  • speaker 3: I did not know that but any ways lets go swimming
  • Speaker 1: How come when we look at the water things looked like the were cut in half and moved?
  • Speaker 2: This is like the other cases today a wave interaction. This interaction is called refraction were the light waves bend when they come in to contact with water.
  • Speaker 3: I have never really thought that in our everyday life's there is some much wave interactions
  • Speaker 3: Well this is another wave interaction called diffraction. Diffraction is the process in which sound waves bend around a barrier.
  • Speaker 2: Ok , but no that I think about it how did drakes voice bends around the door way
  • Speaker 1: remember to close the door
  • The end
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