Russian REV
Updated: 1/31/2020
Russian REV
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  • Nicholas II
  • I am the new Czar of Russia!!!!
  • Civil war(1917)
  • I'm hit!
  • March Revolution
  • I give up... I abdicate my throne...
  • Nicholas II becomes Czar and continues the tradition of Autocracy. He continues with Czar policy which include a one man rule, censorship, secret police, and the belief in the Russian Orthodox Church. He will be the last Czar.
  • Bolshevik Revolution
  • I'M BACK!
  • Lenin and his red army fought against his white army. 14 million people died because the war. The red army had won. Hed had tooken over the goverment for good this time.
  • Lenin in control
  • ATTACK!!!
  • Peace, land and bread is all we need.
  • 200,000 women textile workers marched against the Romonov Dynasty. Nicholas II abdicates his throne. Soviets are formed as a cause of this even.
  • Joseph Stalin
  • Lenin returns to Russia with the help of Germany. He overthrows the provisional government using his red army. His slogan "Peace, Land, and Bread" captured and convinced many Russians that he was a good guy.
  • Russia soon becomes diaster after war. He immeditley goes to work in trying to make Russia a better goverment. He starts soemthing called the NEP ehich gave rights to trade. His new slogan had been "Peace, land a nd bread'.
  • Lenin dies. Stalin takes control of the communist party. Trotsky his opponent for the place of communist leader is forced into exile.
  • I am in control now!!
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