Updated: 2/25/2019
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  • On November 30, 1774, the ship London Packet arrived in the port of Philadelphia. On board was a 37-year-old Englishman named Thomas Paine.
  • this magazine is bad
  • Paine was lucky to be alive, but he was still very ill. Unable to walk, he was carried ashore in a blanket. A local doctor agreed to nurse him back to health.
  • You should write the pamphlet, but don't use the word "independence"
  • Paine had arrived in the largest and most prosperous city in colonial America. Philadelphia was a bustling place of around 30,000 people and the third largest port in the British Empire.
  • sold out
  • Paine's years as a tax collector had left him with no love for the British government. His articles criticized British officials and colonial rule. These stories did not please the Loyalist citizens of Philadelphia, who favored strong ties to Great Britain
  • Rush encouraged Paine to write a pamphlet on independence, though he cautioned him not to use that word.
  • The first edition sold out in days. Paine had more copies printed, and those sold out, too. Within a few months, readers had bought more than 120,000 copies of Common Sense. By the end of the year, 25 editions had been printed.
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