The Parable of the Pet Sitter
Updated: 3/22/2020
The Parable of the Pet Sitter

Storyboard Text

  • Which of you deserves to pet sit in my house? Why?
  • I deserve this because I have have worked with dogs my whole life.
  • I am a queen. I am rich and powerful.
  • I get to do it. I have done studies on dogs in my lab.
  • You should allow me to do it because I am professional and confident.
  • I believe I should do this because I am on a path to success and was told to apply.
  • I have the right to do this because I am experienced. I have done research, and I am highly recommended.
  • I have dedicated my whole life to dogs.
  • I may not deserve this because I’m unqualified compared to them. I just started caring for corgis, but I want to learn and do the best I can. Please help and I can do it.
  • Luke, you have been chosen to come inside and pet sit. I chose you because of your willingness to change, and you are seeking help from me. Welcome.
  • Bart, you are welcome as well. Not because of your qualifications, but because you comforted Ramona and celebrated another’s achievement. Yes, I saw. Welcome.