Rock Transformations
Updated: 2/4/2021
Rock Transformations

Storyboard Text

  • Hi, I'm Rocky, the igneous rock! I am in Wisconsin with the rest of my family!
  • What's up Rocky?
  • I hope someone comes to help- I'm turning into sediment! AHHH!
  • Oh no! It's raining! Someone save me!
  • Where am I? Where is my family? I don't recognize this place at all.
  • This must be erosion.
  • I am in Wisconsin, near the Mississippi River. Some other igneous rocks like granite can be found in this state. I am on top of a hill right now. I was formed when rock melted into magma and then cooled. After the magma cooled, I formed! Uplift moved me upward, towards Earth's surface.
  • Woah! Because of erosion, I travelled all the way to Minnesota. I'm in the Mississippi River now!
  • Oh no! I'm being exposed to the energy of the sun, which is main source of energy for weathering. Weathering will affect me a lot because blowing wind and falling rain will cause me to break into pieces, known as sediment. I am moving downhill towards the Mississippi River.
  • Layers of sediment are being compacted and cemented.
  • I am in the Mississippi River, which is moving me from one place to another. This is known as erosion. I might end up somewhere far away from my family. This happened to Grandma Iggy and we never found her again!
  • At last, after so many years, I have turned into sedimentary rock.
  • Because of erosion, I travelled from Wisconsin all the way to Minnesota, using the Mississippi River. I miss my family a lot. I am now underwater (in the Mississippi River), and soon, layers of sediment will build up.
  • After turning into sediment because of weathering and then falling into the Mississippi River which moved me from one place to another, I arrived her. Layers of sediment are being compacted and cemented. This will make me turn into solid, sedimentary rock.
  • I finally turned into solid, sedimentary rock. This is thrilling because the process that turned me from igneous rock to sedimentary rock took so long! I miss my family. However, now I am a sedimentary rock, and I've found a new sedimentary rock family that I belong in.