Educational Technology Coach

Updated: 8/26/2020
Educational Technology Coach

Storyboard Text

  • Hey there, Grace! I heard you were becoming an educational tech coach. What does that even mean? Is that like coaching a basketball team?
  • That's a great question, Cate! Well I, basically, have a bunch of responsibilities. Let me tell you more. Have a seat.
  • As a coach, I have to follow 7 important standards. I need to be a change agent, a connected learner, a collaborator, a learning designer, a professional learning facilitator, a data-driven decision maker, and a digital citizen advocate.
  • Oh my! That's a lot! I like the agent one. Tell me more. Is that like an FBI agent?
  • You're so funny! No. It's not like an FBI agent. Being a change agent means you inspire educators and leaders to use technology to create high-quality learning that meets the needs of all learners.
  • Well that makes more sense now. This is very interesting. Can you tell me about the other coaching responsibilities?
  • Yes, of course! As a connected learner, I'll have to pursue professional development and serve as a model to my peers. As a collaborator, I have to work with other educators to help them improve their instructional strategies through the effective use of technology.
  • That's pretty awesome. I'm considering becoming a tech coach myself. Tell me more!
  • Sure! I think you would make a great tech coach! As a coach, you'll have to be a learning designer, which means designing digital learning experiences that accommodate various types of learners. Also, you'll need to be a learning facilitator. This means that you'll have to plan, provide, and evaluate your coworkers' use of technology and provide valuable feedback. Not only that. You'll need to make data-driven decisions. This means you'll have to model and support fellow educators in the collection and use of qualitative and quantitative data.
  • And finally, you'll need to be a digital citizen advocate. As an advocate for digital citizenship, you'll have to educate and empower your students and colleagues to make informed decisions and respect others during online interactions.
  • Wow! That is a lot! Thank you for teaching me about this topic. I cannot wait to become an educational tech coach!