english 2
Updated: 2/9/2021
english 2

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  • The mother consoles her son, who is crying, by making him an origami of a tiger. "A little paper tiger stood on the table..." (page 1)
  • An older version of the son is being told a story by his father of how he and his soon to be wife met. "...I asked Dad about the details. He was trying to get me to speak to Mom again." (page 2)
  • One time the son had a classmate over, and they had an argument over toys. The classmate made the son feel shameful about his mother and Chinese culture. "I had never thought of Laohu as trash. But looking at him now, he was really just a piece of wrapping paper." (page 5)
  • The mother ended up having cancer, and while she was on her deathbed, the son was on a plane over Nevada. "She died when my plane was somewhere over Nevada." (page 9)
  • When the mother died, the father sold the house. The son found his origamis in a box in the attic. "My girlfriend Susan and I went to help him pack...found the shoebox in the attic. The paper menagerie, hidden in the uninsulated darkness of the attic for so long" (page 9)
  • The son kept the origamis and two years after his mom's death, he found out that she had written him a letter on the once tiger origami. "... the plain side up. It was filled with dense Chinese characters." (page 10)