Scientific Revolution
Updated: 1/23/2020
Scientific Revolution
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  • For this lesson we are going to look at a few major people who played a part in the Scientific Revolution
  • Copernicus
  • I developed the Heliocentric Theory It turned out to allow many scientific discoveries
  • No! I speak the truth
  • That brings us to Galileo
  • I invented the Telescope and I do indeed agree with Copernicus' theory to be true as well as advance space exploration
  • Admit to your lies or face imprisionment
  • Take him away!
  • Isaac Newton: I got hit by an apple and discovered that our feet aren't the only us keeping us down. That helped scientist learn more about gravity
  • Louis pasteur: I discovered how to pasteurize milk so now people can safely drink cows milk
  • Marie Curie: I tested out radioactivity and created an easier way to look into someones injury without dissection
  • Robert Boils: I am the father of Chemistry and my process has helped scientist make new modern medicines
  • The whole era of the scientific revolution is based on the idea of the reformation of the renaissance by switching from thinking about religion to thinking about the science side of reasoning
  • As you can see from these people, all their discoveries have improved the society to create new advancements and discoveries by giving more facts/knowledge that created the scientific revolution.
  • There are pros and cons on receiving new knowledge. The pros are the growth of a society and a con would be ending up like Galileo over there.
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