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Updated: 2/2/2020
Science Storyboard
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  • This is mine now!! (evil laugh) This is going to the moon with me.
  • No! Please give it back, I beg you!
  • Help Mr. Gravlastic!! He stole my beautiful purse!
  • I will use my elastic arms to reach to the moon and my strong force of gravity to bring it back for you!
  • 5 minutes later
  • Thank you so much, you're my hero!!!!
  • Dr. Steal has once again stolen a purse from an innocent young civilian. Can she rely on gravity and elasticity to bring it back?
  • bye!!
  • Argh!! Help!! My magic ring is floating away!
  • Gravity attracts two bodies towards each other. It is the force that causes objects to fall toward the earth's core and allows it to stay in orbit. Elasticity is an objects ability to resume being its normal shape after being stretched.
  • Never fear!! Magnation Woman is here! I will use my magnetic hands and I will climb the walls using my power of friction!
  • Awww man.
  • Mr. Gravlastic has saved the day with his super stretchy elastic arms, force of gravity allowing him to pull it down, and his amazing sense of science.
  • *sigh* I would have gotten away if it weren't for you science geeks.
  • Oh my gosh thank you! My ring is my most prized possession
  • Don't thank me! Thank magnetism and friction!
  • Mr. Steal has left his anti- gravity potion in the city, when someone accidently split it on the women's ring. So instead of it being pulled down by gravity, it is floating away!
  • Magnation Women is coming to the rescue! Her positively charged magnet hands are attracting the negatively charged ring! She's also using static friction to walk up the building like a spider!
  • Despite the ring's hopes of going to space. Magnation Women retrieved the prized possession and was able to use friction and magnetism to get it back to safety in the women's care.
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