Virginia Plan V.s New Jersey Plan Kelsey Hite

Virginia Plan V.s New Jersey Plan  Kelsey Hite

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  • Welcome to Philadelphia I have brought the Articles of Confederation can somebody please help fix this weak constitution
  • I James Madison propose the Virginia plan. An idea that gives states more population and power in the government.
  • who are you?
  • Does anybody have an idea that can fix our government.
  • no, no, I propose an even better plan the New Jersey Plan and this gives EQUAL representation in the government.
  • I am William Paterson
  • Settle down what if we combined both ideas to make a bicameral government so we have both population and equal representation. We'll call it the Great Compromise
  • What are going to do about the slaves in the south we should count them as the population right ?
  • We should only count slaves as 3/5ths of population so you can count them just not all of them. This will be the 3/5ths compromise
  • I disagree in the large states we do not want to count them we see them as property.
  • Now what how are we going to control what the federals do?
  • Well with the commerce compromise of course this will prevent the Federals from taxing exports or attempt to regulate international slave trade for at least 20 years.
  • Hold on now that the people's problems are fixed we must make laws to keep both the people and their rights safe.
  • That's where the Bill of Rights comes in this will be the ten admenmants and guarentess individual rights.
  • Now that we fixed the constitution and we added the Bill of Rights we must ratify so we have protection under individual writing. All in favor say "I" 
  • I
  • I
  • I
  • I
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