The Road Summary
Updated: 1/2/2020
The Road Summary
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  • The Man and his son are walking on the road with a cart with a rear view mirror in it, supplies, and belongings in it.
  • There were a group of people hunting for people. The man and the boy were hiding. One of the guy that was in the group, went out and was peeing in the woods. The guy saw the man and he take the boy and puts a knife near his throat. The man pulls the trigger and the bullet went straight through his head.The brain huts were all over the boys face.
  • The just keep walking on the road. The boy is exhausted and so the man carries him until the next rest.
  • Come with us!
  • When the boy and father was walking the father found an abandoned house. He was exploring the area and he sees something that looks dig up. He digs until he sees a door. He opened and and he sees a bunker filled with food and supplies they desperately needed.
  • As time went ticking day by day, the father was severely sick. He knew that his time is going to end real soon. The father told his son to keep the gun and be safe knowing that he has taught his son a lot. The father passes away and the boy is there crying and wouldn't leave his fathers corpse.
  • It has been three days and the boy is still with his father. Later on, a man approached the boy and the boy was aiming the gun at the man. The man followed the man and the boy the whole time. They notice the father has passed away and so the man went to the boy and ask if he would like to stay with his family. The boy did not trust instantly but later on agreed. The man had 2 kids and a wife. He was going to make a new family but will always bring his father along.
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