S.S Compromise of 1850

Updated: 5/19/2020
S.S Compromise of 1850

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  • California was the problem...
  • I have an idea! There will be a compromise,which will solve our problems, starting with California as a free state.
  • Once California wanted to join the US/America as a free state, that would interupt the slave balance. If California joined as a free state, that would break the balance of the northern and southern states and their agreements.
  • You're Finally Back! Don't you try escaping again, or else! Get back to work!
  • Yes, Sir, Will do.
  • As a response to this problem, Henry Clay decided to come up and introduce a compromise. there were five parts to this. The first, was that California was allowed to join as a free state.
  • Henry Clay's compromise was accepted. The second part of the compromise was that slave trade was prohibited in Washington, D.C.
  • The third part of the compromise was that the Fugitive Act was passed, which said that any slaves who have escaped and have been helped by another owner has to get brought back to their rightful 'master'/owner.
  • The fourth part of the comprmise, was that Utah and New Mexico can decide on their own rather to be a slave or free state. ( Popular sovereignty.)
  • Last but not least, the fifth part of the compromise was that Texas will be given $10 million if they set/get their border apart from, or, not relating to New Mexico.