Cotton Gin timeline- how it came to be
Updated: 10/23/2020
Cotton Gin timeline- how it came to be

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this is a small timeline/story of how the cotton gin was made

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  • I have an invention that will help you, its called ...The Cotton Gin!!!!
  • Greene and her plantation manager, Phineas Miller (1764-1803), explained the problem with short-staple cotton to Whitney, and soon afterwards he built a machine that could effectively and efficiently remove the seeds from cotton plants.
  • Whitney received a patent for his invention in 1794; he and Miller then formed a cotton gin manufacturing company. The two men planned to build cotton gins and install them on plantations throughout the South, taking as payment a portion of all the cotton produced by each plantation.
  • One bad result of the cotton gin’s success,however, was that it helped strengthen slavery in the South. Although the cotton gin made cotton processing easier, it helped planters earn greater profits, prompting them to grow larger crops, which in turn required more people
  • people were copying elis invention because he wanted 2/5 of profit, so he continued to sue them but he wasn't successful, until the patent law changed.
  • In 1817, Whitney, then in his early 50s, married Henrietta Edwards, during the time they were together they had four children, he died on January 8, 1825, at age 59.
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