Updated: 2/10/2020

Storyboard Text

  • thank you for killing all of the people i hate I want to marry you right now.
  • you are very welcome my love lets get married in four days.
  • king Theseus and Hippolyta are talking about getting married
  • why are you here, you are bothering me four days before my wedding
  • You don't have to worry about that me and lysander are going into the woods to get married
  • my daughter is disobeying me
  • Egeus is complanning to the king
  • you have until my wedding day to deicde who you are going to marry.
  • Egeus gives Hermia a deadline.
  • what?
  • whats wrong Helena?
  • Hekena is sad because demetrius won't love her.
  • i don't know why demetrius wont love me.
  • hermia tells helena her plan with lysander.
  • Oh Really?
  • you will marry me!
  • demetrius is running away from helena.
  • Get away from me you troll