Updated: 3/6/2020

Storyboard Text

  • I laid out this whole table with warm food for him.
  • when is Mr Madison coming back?
  • I do not know ma'am, Mr Madison is out defending our great country.
  • Ma'am its bolted in.
  • We must get this off the wall we cant leave this here the British will take it!
  • Break the frame!!
  • Get the portrait in the cart and go!!
  • Dolly Madison and a few slaves had made a wonderful dinner for James Madison to eat when he got home from the war.
  • Mr Madison never showed up so they went outside and scanned the horizon with a spyglass, but instead of seeing James Madison they saw the British.
  • James!!
  • Dolly!!
  • And so panic arose between dolly and the slaves but dolly took control she got everyone in order and told them to save the life-sized portrait of George Washington.
  • dolly got the portrait of George Washington into the cart and told the driver to get it somewhere safe so the British couldn't get it
  • dolly then went to the place that James Madison and her agreed on meeting if things went south like they did, they ended up meeting in the middle of a thunder storm
  • the British ended up reaching the white house and burning it down but before they do they ate the warm buffet that dolly had spread out for James..