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Updated: 10/24/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Unhappy
  • Montag and the Book
  • He Begins to Read
  • While Montag and Clarisse were walking, Clarisse had asked Montag a question he had never thought about before. Clarisse asked Montag if he was happy. In this moment Montag realized how unhappy he was and that he wore a smile like clothes and wasn't genuinely happy.
  • The Ear Device
  • In this scene Montag and the firefighters were burning down a woman's home who had books. Montag ended up taking a book from the ladies home. The woman refused to leave the house and said she wanted to burn with the books. This made Montag think there has to be something else that people don't know about books, and he wanted to find out what it was.
  • Mildred Leaves
  • Montag began to read the book from the ladies house, but he realizes he did not understand it much and needed a teacher. He remembered an old guy he met at a park and decided to call him to ask for help. At first Faber thought it was a trap, but he soon gained trust.
  • Montag Burning His House
  • Faber and Montag created an ear device which is like a two-way radio in their ears. This is how they communicated with each other.It is a green metal object that is not any bigger than a .22 bullet.
  • Mildred packs her bags and leaves as quickly as possible. She took a taxi and disappeared. This made Montag realize she was probably the one who called the alarm on him.
  • Montag realizes he enjoys burning his house. He has no emotional attachment to his home and that is just where he sleeps and lives. He now agrees with Beatty that the burning is solving his issues.
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