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Unknown Story
Updated: 2/26/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Woah woah woah dudes like you know vaping is totally bad right?
  • Vaping is like super cool!
  • Yeah! What evidence do you have clown?
  • Because it is harmful to your body!
  • Vaping is harmful because it's very unhealthy!
  • And why exactly is it unhealthy?
  • The teenagers in this frame are all dressed in dull colors to contrast the clown who is in bright and vibrant colors. The vapes that the teenagers are using are brightly colored to not only be visually appealing but easier to see against the dark background as well. The clown is a clown to add to the illogicality of the advertisement for remembrance.
  • Can't argue with that logic
  • Maybe he's right
  • We chose teenagers as our main characters to try and relate to our primary audience (teenagers who vape). The background is in a forest because a common stereotype for teenager "hang outs" are forests. We made sure to be inclusive of males and females in our ad to appeal to a wider audience.
  • This is the frame in which a logical fallacy is committed, the clowns reasoning for why vaping is harmful is because it's unhealthy, and it is healthy because it is harmful. The kids are curious and inquisitive because they are on the fence about the clowns claim. They are also very clearly only paying attention to the clown to show that he is the focus of this part of the ad and that teens should listen to him
  • Hey who's trying to vape with me?
  • Haven't you heard? Vaping is bad!
  • The teenagers are on one side to represent the audience, and the group that we are trying to reach. The audience is focused more on the clown because he is not part of the crowd. The facial expressions of the teenagers are very dramatic to add more illogicality to our argument.
  • When the clown mentions to the teenagers to inform their friends about abstaining from vaping this is a direct message to the audience. This line is in place to encourage the discussion about ending vaping among the audience and their peers. Our ad is attempting to relate to our primary audience: teenagers who vape and also others that allow them to do it.
  • You guys are doing a good thing, and tell your friends what you've learned today!
  • The reason this ad is relevant in the first place is because now, more than ever, teenagers are more easily influenced by their peers. Complications from vaping have recently been discovered and there are a multitude of people trying to raise awareness of the complications and risks. Our storyboard ad will hopefully make kids more aware of their actions.
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