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charlotte doyle
Updated: 2/21/2020
charlotte doyle
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  • The Voyage
  • "Well my father pardoned me to board this ship."
  • "Miss I recommend you not board this ship."
  • The warning
  • "Miss, You must accept it. For your protection."
  • "Zachariah! no what shall I need protection for?"
  • "Unnatural"
  • "I shall move you out of your cabin into the forecastle Mr Doyle."
  • When Charlotte first arrived, She was a "lady" polite, elegant, and dressed accordingly until she changed physically and emotionally during the time on the ship. She was also warned by a man but was stubborn.
  • The ghost
  • Is that- Zachariah? It can't be
  • When Zachariah gave her the dirk for her own defense it was a foreshadow that something was going to happen. He warned her about Jaggery but Charlotte did not listen since he was low class.
  • The Trial
  • They did not even stand up for me. I did not kill hollybrass.
  • This seen was only the beginning of what was to come. Charlotte joined the crew. Jaggery then became tuff on her and Zachariah made her clothes to wear for the work she was going to do.
  • Justice
  • During the storm Charlotte was told by the captain to climb the mast. While doing so she thought she seen Zachariah but did not believe it since he was "dead".
  • After Hollybrass was found murdered, Jaggery accused her and was found guilty by him and the crew. Her sentence was to be hanged until Zachariah showed himself to her. The truth was revealed.
  • Jaggery confessed to killing Hollybrass and gave Charlotte options. She refused all of them and ran from him. As he chased after her he slipped and fell into the sea never to be seen again. Charlotte was declared captain.
  • "Ahhhhh"
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