Gustavo Marmorato Final Assessment PT2

Updated: 3/9/2021
Gustavo Marmorato Final Assessment PT2

Storyboard Text

  • Conflict Continued
  • Not really, but would you throw away your friendships?
  • Ok look, Vodka is really bad for your health, and can get you addicted for years. It also makes you lose focus on what you’re saying
  • Yeah, but I’m Aiden’s best frien-
  • Stop right there, you are not at all, you just think that because he is your best friend
  • Yeah, I would!
  • Conflict
  • Well I don’t want them, but I also still want to be his friend
  • Ok, look I wouldn’t want health issues, but if you do, go ahead
  • Whatever
  • Resolution
  • Ok?
  • Look
  • You can die from drinking to much vodka, and once you drink it, you get addicted and can’t stop
  • What?
  • Would a friendship be worth dying for because of alcohol?
  • Take all the time you need
  • Me and Noah are having an argument over if friendship or health is more important
  • Ok whatever, but I support whatever decision he makes
  • But, be honest, would you have health issues and be rude to people because something tastes good?
  • I am rounding up the argument my saying that I'm not up for that decision but if he wants to go for it
  • I finally got him on my side and won the argument. (This is how you know it's not real because it is impossible to win arguments in real life with him. He just doesn't accept it)
  • No not really, I guess you’re right. But I still need more time to think