Buddha Path To Enlightment
Updated: 2/18/2020
Buddha Path To Enlightment

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  • he'll either be a religious leader or a King...
  • He will be the greatest king ever!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Get out of the way!!!!
  • Why do they do this every time?
  • What is this?!
  • Prince Siddhartha Gautama was born in Nepal. His father (the king) called a fortune teller, who predicted two future possibilities for Siddhartha. He would either be a King, or a religious leader. His father wanted him to be a king.
  • please...
  • shame on you!
  • The prince was raised in the luxuries of the Palace. He got protected from anything that was unpleasant. Whenever Siddhartha went our, his guards traveled ahead to clear away any sick, old, or poor people.
  • ~Rebirth, death...~
  • When the prince was 29, he went out of the palace without guards. just him and his chariot driver. During his first ride, he saw a old man leaning on a stick. On the next ride, he saw a diseased man. 3rd, he saw a dead man being remembered by his family. Lastly, he saw a Holy man. Siddhartha had never seen anything like these four sights. He decided to become a religious leader
  • are you a god!
  • The former prince. Wanted to know about life, suffering, and death. He only ate what strangers put into his begging bowl. He slept out in the wild. Siddhartha studied the ideas of Buddhism, and the Hindu Gurus. But he didn't like their idea of salvation, so he decided to join a group of Ascetics.
  • But soon realized that that wasn't what he wanted to be. He decided to sit under the "Bodhi Tree" to meditate. he did for 49 days. During his meditation, he was visited by Mara (a god) who attacked him. He saw his past lives, birth and rebirth. He entered a state of enlightenment, and became the Buddha.
  • He escaped from the rebirth and death cycle. He went back to India to teach people what he had learned. His purpose was to awaken the world, and spread the ideas of Buddhism.