Prisioner B-3087
Updated: 1/22/2020
Prisioner B-3087
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  • Bread. The wonderful, beautiful smell of bread
  • Bread!
  • Into Hiding
  • Faster!
  • while Yankek was sleeping in the hallway his dad was sneaking out of the falt to get a loaf of bread. His dad said that he could not go with him but, he did anyways. Then his father said no too dangerous to go out. If they ever got caught out after 9:00 pm they would get shot then and there. It was so quiet that Yanek could hear the flakes of snow hitting the ground. Once they have left Yanek said "Bread. The wonderful, beautiful smell of bread!"
  • Idk where all of the text went but I think I forgot to save it.
  • Yanek and the other prisioners had to dig holes 6 feet deep and fill it back up. Everyone was too afraid to fight back for their rights because if you were to fight back because they would kill you and the others around you. Next they were put into trains and transported to birkenew.
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