Jefferson vs. Hamilton
Updated: 11/6/2020
Jefferson vs. Hamilton

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  • I also say we should have a strict interpretation.
  • I disagree with excise in our taxes or how this would better help in our nation.
  • I Believe in the Excise in Taxes.
  • He better not even start with having to say in a strict interpretation.
  • How can we better our nation Mr. Hamilton ?
  • Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Jefferson, any questions about our Government's bank?
  • Jefferson vs. Hamilton
  • A very small government with, good France friends.
  • The bank is fine but I don't like Thomas Jefferson or James Madison.
  • What about are our government ?
  • Well, I do currently do disagree with that Mr. Hamilton, I believe in having no bank and I am not fine with Alexander Hamilton and John Adams.
  • Well, listen hear Mr. Our national government would be great with the excise in our taxes and help pay our bills, and you just forget about not having a bank.
  • I will never regret our national government in having no taxes, with a small government This is just overwhelming to deal with someone with no common sense.
  • Well Thank you for Reading
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