Relationship Between Haiti and the U.S.
Updated: 5/18/2020
Relationship Between Haiti and the U.S.

Storyboard Text

  • Port-au-Prince : 2010
  • I, Bill Clinton, will start the Caracol project to help attract international manufacturers. These manufacturers will fix the faltering economy of Haiti. Also, this port will be a replacement of the port in Port-au-Prince that was destroyed in the earthquake. I know this port had brought in about 90% of your imports and handled 60% of your exports, though, that area is no longer relevant. This new port will be built near Cap-Haitien. Haitians do not worry about the future of your country. I know whats best for you and you all have no say in these decisions.
  • So, how is the port and park coming along?
  • Well, we don't really know how to build a port, since people haven't done that since the 70's. Also, we don't know when we can start or when we will be finished
  • Due to Bill Clinton and construction of the Caracol, many families were evicted from their land in order to make space for the park. In addition, the Caracol promised 65000 jobs, but only 1,500 people got them.
  • I cannot compete with all the artificially cheap rice and other food crops from America.
  • Well, I follow a policy. I'm from a rich country and we're supposed to sell the food we produce to poor countries.
  • The Marriott Hotel
  • We would like to introduce the opening of the first Marriott Hotel in Port-au-Prince. This hotel was built for the wealthy Haitians and foreigners, even though, there are many Haitians that are displaced.