my life
Updated: 2/4/2021
my life

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  • I was born late at night on the 5th of November 2007 at the Mater hospital. my brother Max was born first while I came out after him making him my older brother.
  • sometime during 2009 my family and I moved from Brisbane down to Adelaide. Why we moved was because my Mum missed her family.
  • Welcome to hell!
  • My first day of Child care, I can't really remeber what happened during it but I know I made a few new friends.
  • My first swimming lesson, I was nervous to put my head under water at first but once I did I loved it and I have done swimming since I was four
  • My first day of KinderGarten, I was nervous at first but I met lots of new people my age and became friends with some, we had our own spot out in the back area that we would play in everyday.
  • My first tennis lesson, I was okay with it at first but I knew it was something I liked so I kept trying, My mum was the person who wanted me to play tennis in the first place due to he playing it when she was younger then I eventually grew a love for it.