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Vocab project
Updated: 11/8/2020
Vocab project
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  • Jim and John were on their way to go meet up with their friend Ted at the coffee shop
  • I cant wait to see Ted again its been so long.
  • We never get to see him because his with his girlfriend all the time.
  • Wow why is the traffic so augmented right now?
  • Anyways, were almost there I can see the visage of Ted from here
  • I was thinking the same, but it is a Saturday.
  • Hey Ted why do you looks so apprehensive?
  • Its imitate before she breaks up with me.
  • My girlfriend censored me again because I don't spend enough time with her
  • Hey your valiant for still being with her. She scares me whenever I see her.
  • Come on man you are the best boyfriend she could ever ask for!
  • She always calls me a plebian because I can never buy her anything.
  • Ted listen to me, with your kindness and affability you deserve someone better than her.
  • It upsets me so much when I try to do something nice for her and she spurned all of it.
  • the malice in her eyes whenever I want to do something my way is terrifying.
  • Hey, lets go get coffee maybe it will take your mind off of her.
  • Yeah your right, lets go inside.
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