Stargirl Storyboard 1
Updated: 5/13/2020
Stargirl Storyboard 1
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  •  Stargirl starts off with our main character, Leo. It is his birthday and he receives a strange package without a name or a way to tell who it is from. Inside is a porcupine necktie, just like his fathers, Something he thought to be one of a kind.
  • You dont know?!?
  • I wonder who sent this.
  • This is where Leo has his first real interaction with Stargirl. It is Hilary Kimbles birthday and she requested Stargirl never sing to her. Stargirl instead sings to Leo and when asked why she reply's with "he's cute." This was something everybody could hear, all eyes are on Leo.
  • He's Cute.
  • Why did you sing to him?!?
  • Stargirl becomes a cheer leader and her first time goes extremely well. She becomes the most popular person in MICA and everybody wants to be like her and have individuality. She is also named, ¨the best athlete on the field.¨
  • WOW!
  • Oh My God!
  • Shes Amazing!
  • This is where stargirl messes it all up. She not only cheers for the other team but tends to their injured star player. The rest of the MICA team and cheerleaders watch i horror as this plays out. Leo and Kevin also can only watch from the stands in horror.
  • Both Leo and Stargirl are now shunned. As Leo is always with Stargirl who has now become the most unpopular kid in school he is shunned as well as her. It begins to seem like they are both invisible, like they are alone. At first its enjoyable but it eventually slowly drives Leo crazy.
  • *Whisper*
  • Are we invisible?!?
  • In one of the final scenes in Stargirl the shunning ends when a boy dances with Stargirl. This starts a chain of event that starts a line of dancing students called the bunny hop. However Hillary Kimble was not amused and slapped Stargirl, everybody freezes. All Stargirl does is kiss Hillary on the cheek and walk out. She was never seen again.
  • OH MY GOD!
  • OH MY GOD!!!!
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